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  • Exchanges and returns

    CASAFINA does not make exchanges.
    Our products can be returned within 15 days of customer receipt in the following conditions:

    a) The product does not meet the customer needs*;
    b) The product does not been ordered;
    c) The product has a manufacturer’s defect;
    d) The product is damaged. You must check the status of the items at the time of delivery by the carrier, recording, in the air waybill, any damage that may have resulted from the transport of the goods.

    The return must be formalized by the customer via email to casafina@casafinagifts.com with subject "Return", or through the form available on the site.
    The information must necessarily include the reasons for the return and the order number in question. Return items without prior notice will not be accepted.
    For registered customers the return may be carried in the personal area on the site.

    The return can be made via carrier or by regular mail to the address 
    Grestel – Produtos Cerâmicos, S.A., Zona Industrial de Vagos, Lote 78, 3840-385 Vagos, Portugal. 

    Returns can only be made in store if they have been raised in store. Orders shipped with "home delivery" must be returned directly to the Grestel address and never to the store.

    In the conditions b), c) and d) CASAFINA fter evaluation by our Quality Department in the same method of payment used in the initial transaction, within aproximadley 30 days after the return.
    The products can only be returned if they are unused and they have not been damaged since they were delivered. The original product label and packaging is also necessary. 

    * Return costs will be charged to the customer. Please note that we will not refund any duties and taxes that were paid on the returned merchandise.

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