Table Inspirations for your Home!

Bring Bloomers to your table for a vibrant accent on everyday white dinnerware. Here we have paired Bloomers with our white Bistro dinnerware, providing an eye catching feminine and fanciful tabletop.

Set your table with the dramatic octagonal shape of Prado, paired with the salad plate from Equus, one of our newest stoneware patterned collections. The mottled look of Prado is reminiscent of rich brown leather providing a perfect backdrop for Equus.

Forum Khaki pairs up with Sausalito Green, our newest Casa Stone collection. What a wonderful way to add a bit of color to your lovely Forum tabletop. Sausalito is also available in White and Cobalt Blue. You can see the complete range in our new catalog, which is available for browsing on our website. Just click on "Catalog"............lower left corner.

Corsica Blue, our newest color in that hand crafted collection, is shown with one of our hand painted Regatta salad plates. Be sure to check out the Coastal Collections in our 2015 catalog.

One of our newest Casa Stone collection, Deer Friends, dresses up your table with a wonderful group of playfully patterned dinnerware and serveware. Shown here is one of the set of four Dinner Plates, each with it's own image. We've paired it up with our beautiful hand carved wooden bowls from India and the solid red Spot On bowl.

The distinctive Prado collection has added a wonderful new blue to it's existing color palette. It is shown here combined with the ever popular brown/black finish. All colors in this collection are hand glazed with a distinctive mottled finish.

Corsica, the newest CasaStone collection, has brought this wonderful handcrafted line to a new level. There are now an assortment of items in this collection that are offered with tonal "patterned" decoration. Here we have shown a "patterned" salad plate, one of 4 that is offered in a set, to complement the solid dinner plate in a beautiful aquamarine color. If you are a fan of hand made ceramics, you will love this line!

Forum, one of our newest Casa Stone Collections, is shownpairing a wonderful deep Cognac color with Prussian Blue. The contrast of these rich colors are striking. Using a natural linen mat sets the stage for a very elegant table.

Meridian Bronze

Meridian Bronze sets the sophisticated mood of high fashion with a touch of whimsy! A Meridian Bronze Dinner Plate and Bread and Butter Plate are interlaced with a Meridian Cream Salad Plate.

South Beach Dinner Plate Meridian Salad plate bowl

For an interesting silhouette of shapes, we’ve layered South Beach with Meridian.

South Beach Turquoise combined with the clean white of Meridian is fantastically crisp! Another alternative to mixing patterns is to mix colors. South Beach also available in pure, crisp white.

Vintage Port Red Mocha Dinner plate and Salad plate and bowl

Vintage Port square plates mixed with the round soup bowl create a dramatic statement in contrasting colors. We’ve chosen Vintage Port Red with Mocha for an exciting “head turning” combination!