Product Use and Care Instructions

Casafina® Casa Stone®
Casa Stone® can be used every day and is safe in the dishwasher (even a commercial dishwasher, oven (up to 500 degrees), microwave and freezer. It also retains heat better than most ceramics so your food will stay warmer longer at the table. For beautiful dinnerware products that can be used on a daily basis, as it is highly resistant to chipping and breaking, there is nothing comparable to Casa Stone®. It has become the quality and performance standard of the Tabletop Industry.

Casafina® Earthenware
Earthenware is more porous than stoneware and expands and contracts with extreme heat and cold. We do not recommend that these products be placed in the freezer & should only be used in the microwave to warm up food. Baking dishes should be at room temperature when placed in the oven.

Casafina® Glassware
Our Glassware is lead free. It may be washed in the dishwasher. To avoid clouding due to extreme heat, we recommend the use of the low energy/air-dry cycle. Harsh detergents that contain chlorine, alcohol, lemon or perfume should be avoided.

Do not place in the freezer.

Casafina® Toleware
Our Toleware Trays and other metal Accessories can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth.