Customer Service / Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my Casafina® products?

Casafina® products are intended for everyday use and are easily cared for. For specifics click on our link to Product Care on the bottom of the homepage.

I am getting married, how do I register for a Casa Stone® pattern?

Casa Stone® is carried at many fine retail stores. They will be happy to assist you in registering for Casafina® products. Click on our link to Find a store. You may also use our Wish List feature on the top of the homepage to compile your specifics.

Where can I find a store in my area that carries Casafina® products?

Click on our link to Find a store on our homepage.

Can I buy Casafina® products online?

Casafina products are available online through many of the retail stores that carry our line. Please use search word Casafina in your search engine of choice to find our products online.

I have a store and would like to carry Casafina® Products. How do I proceed?

It is very important us to provide the best possible service to our stores. In order to do this effectively we suggest that you contact the appropriate sales rep in your area. Please click on the link to Reps/Showrooms on our homepage.

When I add pieces to my Casa Stone® pattern will they match each other?

Please remember that because many of our items are handmade, there are always inherent variations in the colors. That is the beauty of a handmade product.

Are all Casafina® ceramics and glassware food-safe?

Casafina® ceramics are manufactured to meet the standards established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with regard to lead and cadmium content. Our glassware does not contain lead. All products are safe for family use.

Can I use Casafina® products to cook in a conventional or microwave oven?

Casa Stone® product will withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees F. However, if the hot item is placed on a cold surface, thermal shock can occur and the piece may crack.

Earthenware product, on the other hand, must not be used for cooking. These pieces are intended for dining and serving only.